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MIAO does Disco Deals

  Disco Deals is a monthly bazaar where designers from all around the grid offer up items for under 99L.   SLURL TO DISCO DEALS This month’s participants are: Disco Deals – June C&D Designs – Cherelle Capra Karizmatik Modern – Karizmah Avr Dark Mouse Jewelry – Mouse Mimistrobell Miao – Kesseret Steeplechase Somnia – [...]

June Disco Deals!!!

  Disco Deals is a monthly bazaar where designers from all around the grid offer up items for under 99L. Miao has a long chain necklace with cute owl charm out for 50L for the weekend of Disco Deals! SLURL TO DISCO DEALS This is only available for the weekend. This month’s participants are: A.D.D. [...]

May Disco Deals item from MIAO

  Disco Deals is a monthly bazaar where designers from all around the grid offer up items for under 99L. My item for this months is a 4 pack of tomboy underwear. The panties are boy cut and the tops are short tank. The price for all 4 together is only 80L. SLURL TO DISCO [...]

It’s Disco Deals Time Again!!!

Miao is offering 2 items for Disco Deals at incredible prices! One is a locket and it’s 99L. The locket is texture change and has so many features! Well worth 99L   The other item is a sparkly blouse in amethyst named LolaRocks. Named after the purple queen Lola79 I thought of her when making [...]

March Disco Deals

Miao is offering a cute blouse for only 50L at Disco Deals SLURL TO DISCO DEALS This weeks Participating Designers: Abode Clique Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair Gesticulate! HopScotch Ingenue Karizmatik Modern Lolapop! Miao Mood Projekt Mayhem sur+ Wretched Dollies

February Disco Deals

I have 3 offerings for Feb’s Disco Deals! First out is a red blouse with ruffled sleeves and rose accents. This blouse is ONLY 50L! The black woolen sculpted skirt has ‘unpatented’ sculpty skirt glitch pants and is only 50L! The Fuck Cancer shirt was inspired by Rosie Barthelmess.  I think we said this phrase [...]

It’s Disco Dealies Time!!! Only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

It’s that time again. A whole weekend of awesome designers offering items for 100L or less! My item for Disco Deals is a statement ring. Pearls and gemstones in a floweresque pattern with extending metal accents. Perfect for casual or formal and only 50L! As always, the ring has metal, gem, and pearl texture change [...]

It’s Disco Deals Time Again – 24 hours only (Dec 3rd SLT)

Miao has cooked up some awesome items for you for Disco Deals. SLURL TO DISCO DEALS For 75 Linden you can have this gorgeous cocktail dress! Perfect for the upcoming holiday season: For 50 Lindens you can get this Unisex Thermal Shirt. It’s been cold today so I whipped this up as almost ‘wishful thinking’. [...]

Today is Disco Deals Day!!! 24 Hour Sale of AWESOME GOODIES!

On the first friday of every month the SCD Site Network sponsors a small ‘flea market’ type event called Disco Deals. Tomorrow is the first friday in November and does Miao have some yummy items for you! Hurry though, the sale is ONLY for 24 hours and will end Saturday, November 6th, 2010. SLURL TO [...]

What’s at SCDisco Deals and only available TODAY!!!! (Oct 1, 2010)

Here’s my little personal roundup of SCDisco Deals!! Some people sent me ads so I have used them and some are screenshots I borrowed from Mouse Mimistrobell over at SCD (I am sure she will kick my butt later but… she’s a mouse, I am a cat. Cats rule, mice drool. Oh yeah, that’s right…blogwar [...]